Year Of The Ox

by The Burning Of Rome

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released May 19, 2014

Produced by Paul Leary & Adam Traub



all rights reserved


The Burning Of Rome San Diego, California

Whether the Burning of Rome leaves you mesmerized, bloodied, confused, ecstatic or bewildered, or whether you can’t figure out if you’re witnessing a punk show, carnival, dance party or performance art piece, one thing is certain—the Year of the Ox is upon us ... more

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Track Name: Year Of The Ox
Wake up
And start the machines
Get off
Remove yourself from bed
Draw out
The old bath water
Lay down
And submerge your head

You never give up
You never stop breathing
Despite the water filling up your lungs
You never stop breathing

Engine monsters
Stay greased
Lubricate your head

Master of the human race
Savior of both time and space
Multiply for majesty
And divide for destiny
Track Name: God Of Small Things
Just take the money
And get the hell on out of here
If not for money
Then how in the world
Would you disappear?
I'm not for loving
So get your hands out of my hair
I died for nothing
Don't call my name I'm not even there

I can't even try to tell
Why you'd vandalize yourself
Because your skin can only be cut so deep
Punch open the mouth of Hell
Grab your soul while she exhales
You're too beautiful not to be set free
Please don't kill yourself you belong to me

I'm tired of running
My tendons are torn and I need a rest
This isn't funny
God, pull your dagger out of my breast
I remember living
And searching the world for a better life
I'm tired of running
Please tell the world that I said goodbye
Track Name: Terrible Tales From Tocqueville
The problem with kids today
They're bred and born for symmetry
Like Sodom, the fire will rain
And burn Gomorrah to smithereens

The mothers will always blame
Goth Rock & Roll and Nintendo games
The others form a brigade
Of doctors sworn to medicate

Our blood
With love
To violate
New Worlds
With new hate
Young ones
Be afraid

And that's exactly how the west was won
Straight through the barrel of a loaded gun
That those damn kids were just shooting for fun
Track Name: Space Age Stockholm Syndrome
When the ship touched down
And the metal hit ground
Everyone ran in fear
From the deafening sound
The galactic band
Played for hours on end
But our human ears
Couldn't hear the sound of space

Hop on aboard and let's make haste
Spaceage Stockholm syndrome

Where did you come from?
Where you going?
Do you mind if I follow?
I want to see you
Up on Neptune
Lead the way and I'll follow
Where did you come from?
Where you going?
Do you mind if I follow?
We'll start a family
In a sunbeam
Form a better tomorrow

I follow

When they built Stonehenge
We were primitive then
Think a God could cause
Such an act of man?
Sharing DNA
Like a permanent stain
Now they're back again
To take us all away

Let's jump this town to outer space
Space age Stockholm syndrome

Io, Europa
Callisto, Ganymede, Leda
Elara, Carpo
Thebe, Themisto
Carme, Adrastea

Where did you come from?
Where you going?
Do you mind if I follow?
I want to see you
Up on Neptune
Lead the way and I'll follow
Track Name: Better Than He
Everybody jump-start your body
Cut their feet off
Make 'em walk slow
Everybody give up your body

I'm better than He

Conquer and seek
Knock your door down
We hate you now we're gonna break you
I'm a big freak
With a big mouth
I hate you Mesopotamia

I'm better than He

His baby's bald
Her baby's blue
Which one reminds me of You?

I'm better than He
Track Name: Patria O Muerte
We walked for miles
At a steady place
In desert sand
Through time and space

You love to lie about your age
You've been alive since the first page
You never read between the lines

I killed the king
And drained out his blood
It mixed with the sand
And turned into mud

We saw the dawning of new life
Raining betwixt cracks in the sky
It damn near blind our virgin eyes
Track Name: Sister Francis
Hello Sister Francis
It's nice to hear your voice
I'm calling from Atlantis
Where real estate is choice
I'm sorry I left early
But dry land was too hard
I know that you love me
But love can kill a heart

Because love,
Love is a terrible, terrible thing
Love, love is a terrible, terrible thing

Hello Devonshire
I heard you're feeling blue
The pigeons on the wire
Are gossiping about you
They say that you're frightened
By monsters in the dark
Just try to love them
And they will spare your heart
Track Name: Echo Park
Their heart beats hard
Like bass drum kicks
It's always thumping around
The Sunset Strip

The Earth is hot
And melting quick
It's always spinning around
It makes me sick

Stay to the right...

The air we breathe
It smells like shit
And when the sun's going down
The freaks get hip

We heard a voice
From them there hills
It said to stay to the right
Or go get killed

Los Angeles mold
Is silver and gold
Track Name: Melina
Ever since Melina came
You should've seen her scream
You know she really goes
Everyday at church she prays
And wears her skirt in ways
She'll make your garden grow

Well maybe you care
And maybe you don't
Maybe you should
But maybe you won't

Maybe I'm good
Tell me I'm good

Because we love, love, love
To get off the same way on everyday
But it's tough, tough, tough
To get off with you nagging constantly
So go away
You lazy dame

I can see Melina
Aging like patina
Still she makes adrenal flow
This is what we lie for
This is what we die for
Just to bake our sourdough
Track Name: Champagne & Cigarettes
Lay me on the grass
And kiss these bones they taste much better than
Champagne & cigarettes
Let's undress and confess sinful plans

And I, I want to take you down
I want to spin you around

And make you pay for what you did
Did you not notice that he's just a kid?
He drank himself to death
Binging on champagne and cigarettes

And I, I want to kneel you down
I want your head to the ground

And make you pray for what you did
Pay for what you did
Pray for what you did
Pay for what you did
Track Name: The Complete Robot
I don't want to say
That things are okay
You should be afraid
Of the things I feel
If you want to know
All the things I know
You will have to grow
A soul made of steel

I can tell by the look in your eye
You've got a bone to pick
And that bone is mine
I'll tell you again that I was always your friend
But I'm mechanical
And I can't fit in

I'm thinking there's a machine in my head
I think it wants me dead
This machine in my head
I'm thinking that my bones are made of steel
Inside from head to heel
It's something I can feel

If you want to do
All the things I do
I can solder you
Electric ideal
Rewire your brain
Oil in your veins
There will be no pain
Synthetic appeal

I can tell by the look in your eye
That your unhappy now
And you want me to die
I'll tell you again that I was always your friend
But I would self destruct
To end all of this

Like a Catherine Wheel
I will spin
Spiraling to Hell for
Robotic sin
Track Name: Random Acts Of Violence
Ever get the feeling that we've been here before
Screaming, punching, yelling, kicking feet on the floor
You know it's bad for you
Because it's bad for you
Maybe you're indifferent or maybe you're bored
Maybe Jesus loves you but I think you're a whore
You know I'm onto you
Oh yes I'm onto you

What's good for the cure
Is good for the pain

I will say what I said
'cause in the morning I'll be dead
And I will say what I said,
"Out in the morning"

You could have been famous had you never performed
Random acts of violence on things you adore
You know they want you to
When they don't want you to
Thought you were a killer since the day you were born
Could have been the lover that you were once before
Before they conquered you
Oh yes they conquered you

What's good for the fuhrer
Is good for the reign
Track Name: Animal (Bonus Track ft. Dale Crover)
Here we go
It's time for sex
In full effect

And it's wrong, wrong, wrong
I work all day

Kneel for sex
Rock and Roll
From Planet X